but, I nearly forgot…you must close your eyes. Otherwise you won’t see anything.” –Alice


   Anything is possible in a sea of infinity, and imagination is the vehicle.  For me, my inspiration draws from life on our little blue planet.  From the visual works and musical creations of other artists…to the magic and wonder of nature’s portfolio, here and abroad.  I have no formal training as an artist, so what I know is self-taught and intuitive.  My work has been featured as interiors for publications, and it has been published as cover art for magazines and books.  My work has also been on exhibitions in galleries.  In addition, I also create work for non-profits that seek to improve the living conditions of our four legged friends.  

   I work with several mediums in my practice; from the simplicity of graphite to the complexities of acrylics.  I also work with color pencils, pastels, markers, airbrush, watercolor, and oil.  My newest of endeavors is digital painting.  I grew up in the Atari Generation, so I am drawn to technology.  Yet, I still prefer traditional mediums overall.  But, whether I am painting on canvas or using a digital stylus, I truly love what I do.  I sincerely appreciate your interest, and I thank you for taking the time to learn about me, my influences and my approach to art.


Featured on the Cover of W.H. Pugmire's Sesua Rising 2016
Nominated for a Rondo Award for best Cover Art for Lovecraft eZine in 2015
Cover Artist for o The Lovecraft Ezine magazine: Issue's 28, 30, 31, 34, 36, and 38 (2013-2016)
Featured on the Inside Front Cover of Little Shop Of Horrors, Issue 25 (2014)
Featured interior art in Little Shope of Horrors issues 23 24 25 25 282 92  (20111-20160
Published Interior in The Lovecraft eZine, issues 21,24,34,34,35,35 (2012-2016)

Featured in The Lovecraftian Nasville Exhibition
Featured in Creature Features Gallery in Burbank, CA.
Exhibited in T.AL. group member showing 2006
Exhibited in Nashville International Airport, group art show 19993
Convention exhibits in Louisville at Wonderfest from 2010-2013
Mural work 2000-2010
Portrait Artist 93-Present
Cover Artist for N.P.A.D 2012-Present
Created NonProfit work for Nashville Pittie, Dogs Deserve Better, Fix-it Foundation
Maia Nebula
Stellardrone (Invent The Universe)

Music By Stellardrone

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